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No Web GUI after sslstrip opkg/infusion install


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As the subject says, I cannot access the web gui ( anymore after installing and rebooting the MK4 Ver. 2.4

This is what i did,

- update opkg followed by install for sslstrip

- installed sslstrip infusion from gui (both installed on USB /dev/sda5/ which inturn is manually mounted on /usb/ )

- connected a host on pineapple SSID to capture ssl traffic and thats it... it rebooted :(

- on reboot i can only login to MK4 via SSH and cannot reach the gui

i can see that the webserver running ,

1328 root 1152 S /usr/sbin/dropbear -P /var/run/dropbear.1.pid -p 22

1366 root 1060 S /usr/sbin/uhttpd -f -h /www -r Pineapple -c /etc/con

1394 root 0 SW [jbd2/sda5-8]

please help me before i kill myself on hurting my pineapple :(

Pineapple ver: (MK4 Ver. 2.4)

OS: Windows 7 Home Prem

external USB: Kingston 16GB DT Micro (/dev/sda5 and /dev/sda6)

ICS: via Ethernet to Windows 7

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Thanks i did the upgrde but now my USB (Kingston 16GB DT Micro) won't work. The moment i insert the USB MK4 reboots and won't come up (WPS keeps flashing).

It only works when USB stick is unplugged... the USB used to show up on the older version (2.4) though

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I think i found the issue... it seems like its the 16GB USB that causes this prob

- On 2.4 it gets detected as /dev/sda5 and /dev/sda6 but brings down the eth0 interface on reboot, so the only way to manage the MK4 is the "pineapple 74:a0" SSID.

- On 2.7 it does not load the drive infact reloads the pineapple - could be a possible bug for larger USB drives :(

i think the right place to post this would be the USB thread... 2.4 gets the job done..Thanks Seb

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