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[Info] AutoHotKey and/or USB Rubber Ducky


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I was watching Darren's intro to U.R.D probably on Youtube the other day and wondered if an AutoHotKey script could do something similar, or help out. Naturally the compiled EXE script would have to be running locally with admin but the concept is still the same, it could type all the commands, source code, compile, run etc. It could help with instances where you want the shell window to go away, just have your AHK EXE piping into an invisible CMD /C window, or typing out code somewhere else.

Of course it's easy to point out that if you're already running an EXE, why would you want it to make more EXEs to do more work, and to that i'd have to say to split the load and execute payloads faster...?!

Perhaps AHK could fetch code from the web to be compiled. AHK's SEND mode, for typing to the screen is much faster than what a keyboard/duck can do. (SendMode Input)

Just thought i'd fire that one out there.. love the show, keep up the good work :)

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