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[Autoit3] Execute Shellcode using Dll-Call


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Hey everyone,

i am currently writing a backdoor in Autoit3 and i was wondering if it would be possible to execute shellcode using Dll-Calls

this is the sourcecode of my test file: http://pastebin.com/3bXdBjC3

but it doesn't work

if anyone has an ide what might be wrong please reply


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I would recomend not using autoit for anything of this nature for 2 main reasons.

1. Most AV's already flag autoit executables as malware because of how the are compressed. So you will be flagged instantly.

2. Autoit is designed to make administrators lifes easier by automating tasks and everyone over at the forums is pissed of that there code is being flagged as malware.

I am currently working on a RAT (written in java). I wrote a tool in autoit that would remove it from my computer because I got tiered of deleting the registry entries and the file every time I needed to. Sure enough as soon as the executable (the clean autoit executable) hits the machine it is quarantined right away.

And one last thing, this forum isn't about black hat activity so if you are planning on doing harm with this tool please don't bring hak5 into it.

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1. i just ran a modified version of my backdoor through Virustotal and it got a detection ratio of 1/45 (modified because Virustotal redistributes samples :P )


2. I'm don't have any malicious intents, i just want to see if it would be possible


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