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[Info] Android rubber Ducky hack


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Haven't got my ducky yet, but have been looking for a good app to access a phone long after I use the ducky on it... Example reverse shell for PC.

Been looking at android vnc servers such as "airdroid" and "my phone explorer", to download quickly with the ducky... but none seemed to satisfy.


I discovered Avast mobile version... I know what your thinking, "that's a app that's suppose to help protect against hackers, how can we use it?"

Well it turns out, if We use the ducky and download Avast really quickly on the android, we can set our own password and email access login ect.

Avast was designed to protect against people stealing your phone and just removing avast from the phone, so we can essentially take full control over the phone with out reprehension. NOT ONLY THAT, THEY MAKE IT SO CONVENIENT AND QUICK TO DO... Easily accomplish-able within 30 seconds of ducky access.


-GPS locating (originally designed to locate stolen phone)

-Siran alarm (also another convenient security tool we can use to our advantage)

-Lock phone

-send message

-notify if sd card is removed

-backup files

-Prevent people from uninstalling it without passcode

-Hides program on phone

-Can locks up ability to change settings


Any thoughts...

(I hope my description on what I'm trying to do here isn't that abstract... I'm a little tired at the moment and will update later.) :D

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