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wpa_passphrase missing


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I'm trying to connect the MKIV to my wireless network via the alpha over usb.

I believe the only thing I'm missing is being able to generate the wpa passphrase. I've seen other posts here that refer to the binary as if it should be in the system, but it is not. wpa_supplicant exists, but wpa_passphrase does not.

I also saw a suggestion to install the wpa-supplicant package (although I think that was dated). I did try, however it warned that there was not enough space to install it. I do have the 4GB usb drive connected (via powered hub with the alpha) but I'm not sure how to tell the package manager to install it there.

Any suggestions for dealing with the wpa_passphrases binary missing?

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If I understand you correctly you are using a usb Alfa WiFi device to try to connect to your home network and not the built in pineapple WiFi??? Are you using the network manager infusion/module? You should not have to install any other packages to make it work. You will however need to make sure the Alfa you intend to use is supported by the pineapple...

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Thanks Stealthkit, that's what I was missing when I was trying the install. Now I know for next time.

thesugarat, You're correct, and I was supplying the built-in ap with internet access from the usb Alpha WIFI device. I got it working with wpa_supplicant, but I'll give the network manager a try too. Thanks.

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