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Preparing for a Ubuntu reinstall. Your own experience.


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I am going to reinstall not mess around with the dummy output any more. I want here other peoples experiences good and bad.

My master plan. Back up my home Dir and double check to make sure I get all the stuff. Music pics and so on. Most of my stuff is on Ubuntu one.

Next I am going to do what I did not do after my head was cut open and stitched up in 2010. Write all the hardware down and make sure it should work. Also be more selective about software. I want to run things as lean as possible. Even though that has never been a problem. I want room for growth. Is this a good plan this is what I found by reading and digging deep on line. I want to know what other people have experienced. It does not bother me if you burned a CD or made a usb flash drive and went to work. I just want to hear the outcomes.

Here is mine; after putting the computer together, every thing was working. I made the dvd of ubuntu studio 64 and set it up. The problems I had were nvidia and onboard sound related also getting wireless to work. I bought a wireless bridge to fix this. Now I have a lot of errors.

I even had Vlc and upnp setup. When I was not at home I could watch my dvd collection no problems

there. Now I have sound problems again I want to reinstall or upgrade. I have 12.04 lts I am looking at the new one. Lets hear what you have been through.

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What is it like to install with no plan? Live cd/dvd or flash drive and going to work. Does not have to be on bare metal. On any computer you had and just installed it. I know ubuntu holds your hand and guides you through the setup partitioning. Any issues here?

I want to see if anyone in our community has similar issues. I am trying to start a LUG..............

Linux user group Okay I am a nut. That makes me a lug nut.

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