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HakShop Problem with my order.


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Saturday the 1st I ordered a pineapple and a lan tap from the hakshop. After a day of not receiving my confirmation e-mail I went back to check if all my information was correct on the order form and apparently I had a typo in my e-mail. I tried e-mailing the hak5 crew 3 times now and I haven't gotten a response from anyone. I wasn't going to make a big deal about it thinking it would get here this week but after seeing my buddies order come in yesterday (he ordered everything on monday) and mine still not being here today I am getting pretty nervous about this and I might be out $115. Is there any possible way that I can contact the hak5 crew? What happened is totally my fault but I would like to be able to track my order and see what is going on here. Any information would be appreciated very much.

Also for the hak5 crew I still have the order number I was given at checkout and the incorrect e-mail I typed and I will gladly give you guys any other authentication you need.

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Have you tried calling the number listed at the bottom of the hakshop's website?

Wow thanks I don't know how I over looked that I saw the fax number but not the telephone

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