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Some things you would never think of hacking.


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I was looking around and found this pretty cool video. The guy is talking about tests done where people hack cars, pumps for hearts, and some other interesting things. I thought it was pretty cool so I'm sure some of you here will get a kick out of it also.


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Probably one of favorite "hacks"


haha.. Thats is a good one, I would fill it with arnold quotes from Total Recall

oh yea, i think a lot of folks here are into that type of stuff too. of course, it's kind of stretching the word hack to cover modifications instead of just penetration, but i'm totally with you.

i for one am heavy into Roomba "hacking"

I personally liked the pacman on the voting machine part. ohh wow a friend of mine had a roomba years ago, i didnt realize they were even still around, it sounds really interesting though.

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I can go on and on about this thank you some one gets this. My favorite is the staples easy button hack. Numerous hacks to electric guitars. Take the pickguard off and put a capacitor to one of the tone or volume knobs. Makes more sustain. Putting a paf humbucker into an acoustic guitar in the sound hole. Putting a switch on it so I can turn off the top coil or bottom coil or both. I do things with gimp and inkscape to logos put my own thing on a Caymus wine logo just to mess with people. Numerous other things to prove I am a dork.

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