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[Firmware] Introducing "Twin Duck"


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Windows 10


To anyone finding this page in the future, I was able to successfully flash Twin Duck to my USB Rubber Ducky by following this YouTube video.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYpikuKNg7A (Video tutorial)

https://github.com/midnitesnake/usb-rubber-ducky (Twin duck software)

**Tips: Don't use the c_duck_v2.1.hex file the guy says to use in the video (your duck will flash green/red, or at least mine did) instead, use the c_duck_v2_S002.hex file and you'll be good (Solid green).

Also, if you're pressing shift + right click and don't see an option for "Open CMD terminal here", simply go to the address bar in the window you want to open the CMD terminal in and click a few times until the text turns blue and then just type CMD and press enter; it will open a CMD terminal in that windows location**

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