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Installing modules to a USB flash drive?


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Hi spike,

USB Module installation is a snap.

Make sure you format the USB stick as per Darren's instruction, and mount the swap partition on the pineapple using "mkswap /dev/sda2" and reboot the pineapple.

Once that is completed, whenever you select to install a module from the Pineapple Bar, it will prompt you to select either Internal or USB installation.

Have fun, and Hack responsibly!

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I am not getting the option to install to USB after following Darren's instructions. The lsusb output shows a "device 001: ID xxxx:xxxx linux foundation 2.0 root hub" & "device 003: ID xxxx:xxxx super top". My fstab shows config mount data for the /dev/sda1 under /usb set as ext4 with "rw,sync" options and "option enabled_fsck 0". under config swap option device shows "/dev/sda2" & option enabled shows "1". Any idea why this is failing?

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Under the Resources tab, make sure the USB drive is mounted under sda1. You should have a line similar to this under "Disk Usage":

/dev/sda1 28.4G 576.5M 26.4G 2% /usb

I have a suspicion that it might be mounting as sdb1; in that case you would have to change the Config Mount in the USB tab to reflect that.

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