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Pineapple goes dead after a while


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I have this issue happening from yesterday.

Before, my pineapple was running usually at least a day before it restarted itself.

From yesterday, it goes dead after around half an hour.

It doesnt restart, but it just goes dead.

PWR led is on, and other leds are dimmed.

I need to power it off and on to restart it.

Nothing has changed in my setup.

Not sure what can it be.

Power source is from laptop using the power cable. The same thing happens if i use the normal power adapter.

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What is the intensity of the load you have running on the pineapple? i.e. Are you using sslstrip and urlsnarf and other process intense programs simultaneously? That can cause issues independant of the type of power source. And tell us about your setup. USB hub? Powered vs nonpowered... Can you SSH in after this happens? Does the status page still work? WiFi still accessable? Or is dhcp still working?

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i only have running sslstrip.

no hub, no nothing. just a usb stick plugged in where sslstrip and all other modules are installed

i cant ssh, i cant access the page, wireless is off. basically, it just goes dead.

usually when i run lots of modules, and its high load, the pineapple restart itself.

but this is not the case, it just goes dead with the led being dimmed. not turned off completely. only the power led is turned on.

nothing has changed in the setup i have, and this is what is weird, because i dont know what to look at or troubleshoot.

during last 2 days, the pinneaple died at least 10 or more times a day

and as im typing this, it happened again. dead.

usually, before this started happening, i had pineapple rebooted itself maybe once a day.

i havent installed anything new, am not running nothing new

just sslstrip

the only change i did was trying to run sslstrip automatically, but i am running into issues which i explained in other thread

but i changed this after this started happening, as rebooting pineapple and running everything manually started getting on my nerves. so i wanted to automate that.

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If you hadn't stated this happens on the adapter power I'd have thought looking at the Power Saving setup of your USB ports but that can't be it. Can you run the pineapple ussing something else, say Karma and Randomroll module, for 24 hours without it doing this? The only thing you can do now is try to help isolate which program is causing it. Maybe log files are filling up avaiable drive space until none is left and it causes a lock up... Just an example.

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its what i was thinking also, its something with the usb, but if it is , i guess pineapple would then power off/reboot, rather then die.

i have 6 gigs free on usb, and 2 gigs of swap so nothing that could clog up the drive space.

also, sometimes the pineapple dies with the sslstrip log being empty, as noone has connected to it.

but even with only sslstrip running, when it was running "ok", i was never able to run it more then 24 hours straight.

it always reboot itself or die.

i will try to troubleshoot it and run something else beside sslstrip, and see how it goes.

i wonder how much other people have their pineapple running without being rebooted or reseted.

sadly, for me, it never went over 24 hours without a reboot .

its why i still cant set it up somewhere outside, still playing with it indoors only

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It sounds like a power issue... Try to power the pineapple off of wall power and see if you have the same problem happening. USB power only can power 5 V from what I hear and the Pineapple needs 5 Volts to run which dosen't leave any juice to power the USB port with the correct power. I have just heard this being the problem that other people. Different sized USB sticks take a different amount of power and so it can come down to depend on the size and make. I would power the pineapple from the wall or plug into a USB battery. I would also suggest getting a powered USB hub. That way your USB stick will always have the power it needs and you will also have more USB for expansion. This is just what I have heard in other posts, so don't quote me on it. Hope you get it figured out :)


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So, assuming it is NOT a usb power up; then I would say it could be faulty leads on the circuit board. This is not completely unheard of. I do not own a pineapple; but I do know a little "something something" about circuitry...

BTW... Mr Kitchen is on cnet... lolz!


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