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The pineapple actually is a router. It just happens to do many other things. What exactly are you trying to do? I recently visited my kids and used the pineapple, with another Afla card, to bridge an old Xbox 360 that only had a LAN port onto their home WiFi. We were then able to play Black Ops 2 over System Link...

Ohh and I'd search that model in the forums. It may be the 036NH that is compatible not the 036H. I could be wrong but I think the free PDF manual lists it.

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The pineapple is compatable with the alfa AWUS036H correct? Before I make a purchase, I just want to make sure I can use this device as a router also. Thanks .

The "H" model is 100% compatible. I use it often as wlan1.

I have a few of both the H and the NH, but haven't used the NH on the MKIV yet...no need yet, and I believe a few were having issues with it.

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