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Issues connecting via POE/LAN and Resetting Pineapple


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Bought myself a Pineapple AP-121U the other week and after changing the Pineapple's SSID to "Scanner", I have not been able to access the device via the POE/LAN port anymore. I can still access it if I conect via Wi-Fi, but cannot find a setting that might have disabled that port. I also tried connecting via another PC and another E-Net cable, but no luck.

Hitting a roadblock I tried to Hardware Re-Set the device by holding in the reset button on the bottom of the device for 10sec (With and Without the power on) without any luck.

Device Notes:

WiFi Pineapple Mark IV

Firmware version: 2.4.1

That said, I'm trying to figure out if I have a defective unit, or, if I am overlooking something simple. Open to comments. Thanks.


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