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QUICKCLEANER updated for CCleaner


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Update ccleaner MRU registry paths and file paths ... ya I ripped ccleaner

http://www.rmccurdy.com/scripts/quickclean.exe ( SFX you can open with 7-zip.org etc .. )

source: http://www.rmccurdy.com/scripts/quickclean.bat


rem 12:05 PM 11/26/2012 : updated ccleaner REG and FILE clean urls/paths the ccleaner forms blocked my post on this script ;)
rem * open ccleaner.exe with notepad++ and copy all the bits for regkeys and file checks etc ..( at the bottom of the exe ) and save as tmp.txt
rem * make reg patch :
rem echo REGEDIT4 > ccleaner.reg
rem grep HK tmp.txt| grep -v '|' | grep -v Detect | sed -e 's/.*HK/HK/g' -e 's/.*/[-&]/g'|sort|uniq >> ccleaner.reg

rem * make file patch:
rem grep "^File" tmp.txt | sed -e 's/.*=//g' -e 's/|/\\/g' -e 's/RECURSE//g' -e 's/\\REMOVESELF//g' -e 's/\*\\/\*/g' -e 's/\\$//g' -e 's/^/sdelete -s -p %pass% \"/g' -e 's/$/\"/g' > ccleaner.bat

rem 3:20 PM 7/15/2009: removed rd c:\WINDOWS\Installer this broke stuff in office I think

rem 9:22 PM 8/2/2007: fixed firefox clean script added c:\WINDOWS\Installer
rem 1:37 AM 7/29/2007: no gawk needed thanks to jabzor@binrev !
rem 7:04 PM 7/28/2007: fixed issues woth spaces in login name ( used gwak and dir2.bat )
rem 7:04 PM 7/28/2007: added firefox clean ( see :firefoxclean )
rem 2:12 PM 7/25/2007: fixed run/mtu
rem 7:09 AM 5/16/2007: added set passes var,ccleaner ini and delete $ntuninstall
rem 5:01 PM 10/21/2005 : fixed %temp% issue recreates %temp% after delete no reboot required
rem 1:01 AM 4/25/2006 : added sdelete.exe ( secure delete )

echo ==============================
echo THE QUICK SECURE CLEANER :: rmccurdy.com :: 3.0
echo UPDATED : 11/26/2012
echo ==============================
echo Here are some of the files this program will delete
echo * deletes %USERNAME% common MTU or history paths ( Run the ccleaner.reg as different user if you like to clean a different users reg keys )
echo * deletes c:\temp
echo * Internet explorer temp files for ALL USERS
echo * firefox cookies,saved,cache passwords etc  for ALL USERS
echo * temp folders for ALL USERS
echo * old windows updates
echo * recycle bin
echo * %SystemRoot%\$ntuninstallK ( old windows updates )
echo * %SystemRoot%/$hf_mig$ ( old windows updates )
echo * OPTIONAL: all startup items for ALL USERS
echo * OPTIONAL: all outlook mailbox data and everything under 'Local Settings' for ALL USERS

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