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Android phone connecting only when ssid is changed


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Hi there.

Now, i have an issue, which maybe isnt an issue at all, but i think it is :)

The scenario:

If the pineapple ssid isnt changed, it has a default pineapple:00... when i turn on wireless on my phone. It doesnt get connected to pineapple.

If I change the ssid to a certain name i have connected before with my phone, it will connect automatically to pineapple.

I turn off the wireless of the phone again, change the ssid of pineapple to something random, turn on back wireless on phone, the phone isnt connected automatically.

Now, shouldnt the pineapple pick up the probe request and answer to anything?

It is weird that the phone will connect automatically only when the pineapple has the ssid of one of the APs my phone remembered.

If pineapple has default/different ssid, the phone doesnt connect.


I can do that also without powering the phone wireless in the middle.

I have the phone with wireless on, scanning for network, and NOT connecting to pineapple with default/different SSID.

When i change the SSID of pineapple to something my phone has in memory, it automatically connects.

EDIT2: tried with iphone, same behaviour.

i see iphone doing bunch of probe request, pineapple doing nothing.

changed the ssid of the pineapple to one of the probe request from iphone, BAM. connected immediatly

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I am not sure if you know this but Karma will only authenticate saved open ssid networks. So Karma won't work if the only saved networks on their phones are WEP, WPA, And WPA2. Not to worry as most people have connected to an open ssid at some point or another ;)


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Yes, i know this :)

Saved ssid are for open networks.Not encrypted.

Like i said before. I see the probes for the saved ssids from my phone on karma. But it doesnt get connected.

All ssids are for open networks.

The second i change ssid in pineapple to any of the saved ssid from my phone(the same ones i get the probes in karma), it gets connected instantly.

If i dont change the ssid from pineapple, i only see probes , over and over.

Both htc and iphone behave the same.

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