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This weeks post and computer person vs human language.


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I want to know if there is a way to simplify computer things that general people need to know. I mean my parents or people are anyone who is not techie. Most other computer people know and understand what we talk about. Okay here we go "ah I can't get online I think the cable modem or wifi is not working. How did you do that thing on face book etc."

If I say click on the thing in the task panel that looks like two computers or left of the speaker. I don't know how or where to go. This is something that needs to be looked at not everyone is a Networking/Linux/Hacking/General genus like us.

Anyway from last post the results are in. I cant get dsl w/o a phone line. This is vz thing. I fixed the cable thing politely explained where I could not not trace to on my end and from another network. They fixed the problem so my mother can look at face book drop box etc. Multi pass works better than multi system.

Something else look into qr codes you can link to any website. I put my resume on Ubuntu one in Html format. I published it and linked it to my qr code. It is on my business card. Lastly the Enomatic system where I work uses a Cryptographic Key Server for chip cards. It links to their key server in Italy. Laundry cards on steroids. I will not play with it because if they put that much effort it is not worth risking it. p.s tax season will be here soon time to get ready. Look for every deduction you can take.

post again next week

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