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I am looking for an option to use a router (PfSense, monowal, anything else I am forgetting) and Wifi Capable router to attach to this system. A way to use something like proxychain. I would like to setup a way to bounce over multiple proxy sites securely. Thinking of something like hitting 5 or so proxies to make my traffic anonymous. Looking for something to browse securely and not have to worry about remembering things like enabling proxy on my browser.

I was also thinking of having this system setup at either my office on a separate static IP or at home and being able to VPN into it from my MAC Book PRO that I always use.

Thanks in advance for any help and or suggestions you have.


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Well, TOR is my favorite; it is easy to use but molasses slow; but configuring a VPN is "more" secure. Do you own the business? If not, tread carefully. I have a buddy whom works in Nashville that says he caught someone VNC into their servers from the employees house. Has been doing it for years... and now is canned because of multiple violations of work policy.

If the company is yours; I would go ahead and buy a nice server and stack on an external firewall. I think IPs are routinely changed anywhoo; with or without your consent. I think that is the nature of the beast.

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