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Darren Venting Moment


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I ,for one, appreciate the rant. Got me all 'giddy' inside. The masses (bovine-america?) seem to thrive in obfuscation. What they do not know, they do not know for a reason. Curiosity is the mother of all invention, right? So what is wrong with making the effort of understanding complexities? Like pulse-code modulation. Like the layers of the OSI. Hell metasploit and even tcpdump are pretty complex, if you ask me.

Why is it that when I go to the the gun range, and have perfect 3-shot groupings in the upper-torso I get a hi-five. But if I were to tell the same guys that last night I finally figured out how to effectively kick someone off their router and deceive them onto a router running jasager/karma; creating the ultimate MITM foundation, these men become stand-off-ish and even down right rude?

Didn't we just get done 'pretending' to shoot someone? And I think I did rather well at that. I just like knowing things.

Sometimes I wish I was more like the more 'famous' hackers out there, seemingly able to figure out ANY tech problem on their own like a kid-genius.

However I must ask questions sometimes. These questions get people all kinds of bent. Like they can just assume they know what I'm REALLY trying to learn. Give it a break.

We are coming and there is nothing you can do to STOP it. Slow us down, you will, public, but we have your best interests in mind. Collectively, at least.

--Chris Laws (there went my annonymity too)

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Being a hacker introduces principles that most people do not understand. The perception is that you will steal their goodies; DoS their pages; or release vital information to the world... really, a plethora of things.

Humans have always been "Hackers"... taking one object and modifying that object to their specs (or at least for what they want to see).

Saying a computer hacker is any different than a sports car enthusiast really needs to step back and realize, "Hey, these are actually very similar thing.". Meaning, as one tunes their car for more performance; a hacker tunes leaf CAs and sniff radio/wifi traffic. Why do we do it? We enjoy the thrill of getting something done and not a lot of other people have any clue what the hell we are doing (sports car enthusiast included).

Hackers will always be around; just make sure that you play nicely... never want to see some Feds with an indictment.

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