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Need help with Armitage


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Hi i am pritty new with armitage what i did is : Host > Quick scan OS detect and then i clicked on Attack my problem is there don't appears:

Find attacks

Browser Attacks

Browser Autopwn

File Autopwn

Hail mary

i can only see this 2 options : Find attacks and Hail Mary do i forgot something sorry if this question sounds stupid to you i am pritty noob with armitage :P

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do a complete scan on a found ip then see if it loads anything ;)

also i got you a present


its best to learn how to use metasploit, a decent way to start would be the above guide and the below vm


then follow up with this guide


it gives you more vulnerable virtual machines, as well as giving you the basics of setting up your own lab of multiple machines, the goal of course being to mix things up, and even try to lock down servers yourself then attack them.

the provided materials should keep you busy for awhile, have fun

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