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No space left on device


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I didn't realise there was a lack of internal memory on the Mark IV. I bought the pro bundle. Here is my error message:

Detailed Report (Dismiss)
CPU Intensive. Do not re-run reports in rapid succession
/pineapple/karma/karmaclients.sh: line 2: stadump: No space left on device
cat: can't open '/tmp/karma.log': No such file or directory
sed: can't create temp file 'stadumpYPLHuY': No space left on device
Station a0:0b:ba:c7:aa:36 (on wlan0)
ip address:
host name: android-d79a81135c466f91
Karma SSID: 'gvdd'
inactive time: 40 ms
rx bytes: 15149
rx packets: 231
tx bytes: 15754
tx packets: 84
tx retries: 35
tx failed: 1
signal: -71 [-71] dBm
signal avg: -72 [-72] dBm
tx bitrate: 26.0 MBit/s MCS 3
rx bitrate: 39.0 MBit/s MCS 4
authorized: yes
authenticated: yes
preamble: short
WMM/WME: yes
MFP: no
TDLS peer: no

How do I delete ettercap. SSH'ing into the device and using the package manager is not working. I think I broke something somewhere??!!!

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