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VLC Media player hangs on BT5R3.

Skorpinok Rover

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Im running BT5R3, Widows Xp SP3, Metasploitable -2 on my VMware Workstation 8, when i play vlc media player on my BT5R3 to watch pentest videos to follow up the tutorial & work on metasploit at the same time, the video gets hanged up or freezes, before i used virtual box & i didnt have this type of problem even with nessus & all 3 vm's running simultaneously. please suugest me how to fix this ?

System Configuration:

Dell XPS,core i7, 8GB Ram, 2GB nvidia Graphics,720GB HDD.

Ram assigned for Virtual Machines:

BT5R3 - 3GB


metasploitable 2 - 512mb.



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