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Problems connecting to Pineapple with Ethernet and ubutu laptop


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I updated my post because all i really care about is getting connected w/ my ubuntu laptop.

I am trying to get my laptop to connect to the pineaple with the ethernet cable. I have been successful at connecting to the pineapple wirelessly with my desktop running win7 and my laptop running Ubuntu, but wireless only.

-Wired Ethernet

Laptop w/ubuntu

using address

Pineapple has latest firmware 2.7

Super quick start script not working for me

Regular quick start not working for me either. I get failed: nor route to host. chmod: cannot access 'wp4.sh' No such file or directory .

I can interface with the pineapple, but i can not get the pineapple to connect to the internet through the laptop

Do any of you get your wan light to come on?


-Major noob

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It looks to me as though you are having problems running the wp4.sh script.

Try this:

Go here wifipineapple.com/wp4.sh (in firefox) to download the script. By default it should be saved to your Downloads directory.

Open a terminal (Control Alt T) and type:

cd Downloads

ls -al (verify the wp4.sh is in the directory)

sudo chmod +x wp4.sh

sudo ./wp4.sh

Once you correctly answer the questions the script asks your Pineapple should be fuctioning.

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I lose my wired connection to the pineapple when I connect to my wireless router, any ideas?

If you are using the network connection manager in ubuntu, it will only bring up one logical interface at a time. That could be wired or wireless... You could use the "ifconfig" commands and the "iwconfig" commands to bring both up. Without knowing all of you interface names, I can't be exact. Basically it would be something like "ifconfig eth0 up" for the ethernet connection. The wireless is trickier when using some time of encryption (wep / wpa / wpa2). I suggest googling and looking up commands ifconfig and iwconfig which are both very useful. Make sure to set up the wifi adapters config first. ( "iwconfig wlan0 essid "example" "iwconfig wlan0 mode managed" *Just Examples* ) Before issuing the "ifconfig wlan0 up" command. If you forget a command just type "--help" behind the command for the syntax. ("ifconfig --help" or "iwconfig --help" ). Hope this helps... if not for Ubuntu and you are doing this in Windows 7 let me know. Anyways Happy Hacking and don't pentest a network that is not yours without an "ok" from the network admin * Friendly advice from a network admin *. ;)


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