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Monitoring Probe Requests on Pineapple


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I have a n00b question related to my brand new Wifi Pineapple Mark IV. All I want to do is the following: monitor the wireless channels continuously in monitor mode, and store a log of all broadcast packets (e.g., beacon signals, probe requests). This data, I want to either store on a USB internally to transfer to an online server every 10 seconds.

My questions

- How do I collect packets in monitor mode. On my Linux laptop, I use "tshark -I -i wlan0"

- How do I configure the device so that, as it starts, it auto collects all the data and writes to USB on boot. I assume, I will need to write a startup script and place it on USB key, which is run using init.d or cron?

- What is the easiest way to not have usb storage and write the data online. I can use either my Android phone for providing 3G connectivity to Pineapple, or use ethernet on the device.

Thanks in advance.

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I would suggest sending a PM to Whistle Master, he has a lot of experience making modules for the pineapple and could probably poit you in the right direction. If not that you could pick a function that already has automatic start coded and then swap the script for one of your own making with SCP. Rename the file and in theory you are good to go.

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