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Jasager "Pineapple Juice" battery on Mark II


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Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me with this.

I already have the pineapple mark II (Model #: MR3201A-38NQ) with the rechargeable battery pack (the 4 AA batteries). When I noticed there was a new 'Pineapple Juice' battery pack (i3200) that I could recharge with usb I got excited and purchased it. MUCH to my disappointment the power plug (6in usb to power cable) is not the same size and is too small for the Mark II. Not only that, After looking at the specs, the new battery adapter is 1A as opposed to the Mark II requires 2A (i've included a picture attached, ignore the velcro)

My question to everyone before I go through the trouble of returning the thing, is has anyone had any luck make-shifting something together or using an adapter to use the new battery pack with an old pineapple??? Also, would the Amp difference be an issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!




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