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Karma and Date/Time update


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Mark IV with 2.7.0

Every time I turn on my Pineapple the date and time are set to 1970. I'm sure there is a way to change that at the command line each time but I was wondering if it was possible to have an auto time check occur with whatever device logs in to the Pineapple Control Panel. This would save time and ensure that log files are time/date stamped correctly. Maybe have a date/time update section of the Configuration tab...

Also, with regards to Karma. I see that the log goes to /tmp/karma.log file... But I want to save all logs to a file on the USB drive for later study. If you stop Karma the log clears itself. What about a Module for Karma that allows saving the logs to a designated file every N minutes like a cron job? I've looked at the logcheck module and it has something to do with Karma in the custom script section but I haven't figured out what that does yet. I don't want and email I'd just like it to include karma logs in what it is snagging and dumping to the USB.

Thanks for any input.

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