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Writing a .exe to autorun for Windows and Mac

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So last year my father past away and my family had a memorial DVD made. Just of some pictures of him and some music. My brother and sister have both expressed interest in having a copy of this DVD, so I happily obliged and made copies. Sadly, my brother and sister are not the most technically inclined and cannot figure out how to run the video. This is where my problem lies.

I know how to write an auto run, but not for MAC. This isn't the biggest issue however. The DVD does not contain any .exe files, thus I cannot point an auto run at any files in the DVD itself. What I need is an .exe file that will execute the path "\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB". I can handle the auto run but I do not know enough about .exe files to write an .exe for this.

My next issue is that of the Mac. I do not know how to write an auto run or an executable file for Mac OS. The file path is again the same here; \VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB is the file that needs to be executed.

Lastly, is it possible to have both an .exe for windows and an .exe for mac (or its equivalent) on the same disc without causing any interference? That is, if the disc is inserted into a Mac or Windows machine the disc will auto run with no problems. Also, the disc currently works when placed into a DVD player. Will writing .exe and auto run files to the disc cause it to no longer run in a DVD player?

I hope I am clear enough on this. It would mean a lot to me if anyone here could help me solve this issue.

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From the sound of things, it seems as if it is in standard DVD format and thus would play in any set top DVD box.

In which case when it is inserted into a windows machine that does not have autoplay disabled they will get an option of how to view/run the disc

The same will occur on the Mac, it will say "Hey this is a DVD Movie, what do you want to do with it?"

as long as they have ever watched a movie on their PC/Mac before they should be just fine, worst case scenario you can tell them to put it in their set top DVD player

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