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Unix question... Displaying only certain lines of properties returned by a shell script and writing those to a new document.


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Hi guys,

I'm trying to learn bash scripting and I've got a little problem that I thought maybe you could help with. Here's the jest of it....

I have a command line tool called "xprop"that displays the properties of an image file. "xprop" results look something like this...

Image_name: This is the file name.

Image_Resolution: This is the image resolution.

Image_Channels: This is the number of image channels.

Channel_Types: This is the channel types.

Bit_Depth: This is the bit depths.

My question is, using this "xprop" script file, what do you think the best way would be to display only the File name and Resolution that the "xprop" script returns for all the image files in my current directory, and then send that output data to a new text document?

Any help would be amazing! ;) Thanks for this channel. It's amazing!


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