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Huawei Modems With Mark Iv


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Hey guys, I'm new to the forums here, just purchased a WiFi pineapple for some pen testing at my job. We're all big fans of the show and the device, finally convinced my superiors to get us one :)

I have a Huawei 353 laying around that I'd like to use with it, will it work? I've tried searching the web and forums but can't find anything. If it is not compatible, could someone give me some suggestions for a 3g/4g capable unlocked usb modem? I travel often, so unlockable/unlocked feature is a must. Ultimately, I'd love to use my 353, or something that I can find for 40-50$ on eBay. Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for the info man, I appreciate it, for some reason I didn't get that in my search, perhaps wasn't using the correct keywords. That does seem to be a little bit more trouble than I was hoping for, are there any modems that are unlockable that you know of that you could recommend? I'd like something to work out of the box; I can't find any of the models that are on the official 3gmodem guide list except for one, and I can't find an unlocked version of it.

Thanks for your help btw.

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