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Remotely Install VNC Problems


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Ok so. I'm trying to remotely and invisibly install VNC onto a remote computer (obviously)

Here Is how Im doing so right now.

@echo on


xcopy "C:Program FilesTightVNC*.*" "RemoteIPC$Program FilesTightVNC*.*" /r/i/c/h/k/e 

regedit /e "RemoteIPC$vncdmp.txt" "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareORL"

psexec RemoteIP -s -i -d %windir%regedit /s C:vncdmp.txt

psexec RemoteIP  -s -i -d "%ProgramFiles%TightVNCwinvnc.exe" -install

psexec RemoteIP  -s -i -d "%ProgramFiles%TightVNCwinvnc.exe"

And obviously RemoteIP is replaced with the IP address. I'm pretty sure my post count is low on these forums. So I don't want to be asked the obvious questions over and over.

But what happens is Ive exported the registry into VNCDMP.txt

Here is the registry settings for my RemoteVNC settings

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00































Oh if you're wondering what the password is its just zaq1xsw2 for testing so dont bother. But back to my problem.

All of the files seem to copy fine. And the service is running. I know this because i have physical access to the computer I'm doing this too. It is in my network.

So ya. It seems to not want to let me connect. The service is runninfg but everytime I type in the password it just responds with an invalid password error. ive even tried removing it altogether.

I think i left some things out... But any help would obviously be great,

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For the password to be zaq1xsw2

The value in the registry file needs to be:


The problem is you are pulling the wrong registry settings. When VNC runs as a service it pulls registry settings from LOCAL_MACHINE, when you run it localy it runs under CURRENT_USER.

In the above code, you are pulling your local VNC settings and the password is different from zaq1xsw2

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