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Remote A Pc With Your Android


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use ulrtavnc's repeater i setup two ports and use single click server exe example rmccurdy.com/scripts/quickvnc.exe open with 7-zip.org its a SFX it has hidden persistent connectoins etc ..

* setup repater on port 21 and 80

* run vnc single click to route to 80

* then run android VNC client to port 21 and put in the repeater IP::PORT and the ID:##### ( in my case the ID is randomly generated )

* exampe repeater config : http://rmccurdy.com/scripts/uvncrepeater.ini

useing a repeater or "gateway based" VNC connectoin you dont need to do any port forwardiong on the client or server side it all gos over your server on two ports you set..

contact me if you need any help setting it up

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