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Long Range H4Cking...


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I think Darren uses a Yagi with his Alpha, not sure what kind of attachments the reaver pro has, but if it uses the same antenna connector, don't see why not.

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I use a few antennas for long range, depending on the distance really. yagi's are good but I also use a few different alfa's depending on the job. Reaver pro is weak, why use it vs using reaver at command. Many times that I've tried to use reaver pro there are many issue I find that I can resolve without using the web interface. Such as timing issues as relooping, some people still think it has to do with drivers, I say rubbish on this due to the distance of the ap or network. A small group of us have tested different ap's ( of course being are own at different distances). Heck we are building a pen robot that is used for red teaming. why not get close to a place without being seen :) This way you don't need strange long range items making you stick out.

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I've made a super long range wifi antenna from an old LOOK TV antena, its a grid dish with a down converter from 2.4Ghz to 900mhz, well, get rid of the down converter with a simple bypass and you get a 2.4Ghz 36dbi directionnal antenna, keep the antenna cable short, put the router (DD-WRT) right bellow the dish in a water proof box. For extreme range you can even add a 2 watt booster but you will bread FCC allowance which is a very bad thing.

Without the booster I reached 3 miles LOS with a tree row in between at full 54Mbps speed... With the booster, I saw a VSAT vehicule going around triangulating my position, took it off forever, its not worth the trouble as I've read the fine is something like 5000$ a day here in canada, I think US could be worst than that

I calculated that with the proper elevation (fresnel zone) I could have reach 10 time that distance but I dont have a target at that distance, I just needed to link my home office to a client

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