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[Idea] "ctrl Alt Chicken" - Hacking Game Of Chicken


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So I had an idea recently regarding a game or maybe a competition that involved hackers...

The game would be called "Ctrl Alt Chicken" (fellow Rev3 fans may remember this show).

Essentially it is a Head-to-Head, hacker based version of the (stupid potentially damage your car and harm yourself) game "Chicken".

How I though it could work:

  1. Hacker A vs Hacker B (or could be a team thing or whatever really) would try to hack the other player while at the same time defending their own setups.
  2. Both Hackers put something on their machines that would be embarrassing or funny about themselves...the first to hack the other publishes whatever it is. (nothing potentially harmful, just for fun of course)
  3. A or B can pull out of the game at any time if they get nervous or something, just like Chicken, and the other automatically wins...something, maybe a t-shirt.
  4. Machines being used would be required to be STOCK versions of whatever system (typically Windows to make it a quicker process, service packs are acceptable though.) and preferrably in a Virtual Machine to ensure no personal data is actually at risk...this would be a game after all. :)
  5. Hackers would start with fresh installs to make it a game of securing and hacking...which causes the game to also be a strategy based game because you have to decide which to do first or how much and so on.

This could even be a segment of Hak5 or something like that...I think that would be cool.

Any way, I haven't spent much time on this idea so I'm sure I've probably left out a few things but what do you all think? Is it a good idea? Is it even possible, if so practical?

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While possible I could still see a potential for this to somehow go wrong in some way or another. Now if we could put the two players on a VPN or something like that without actual access to the internet from that VPN it could help out a little bit to keep it contained. That's just my 2 cents though, the idea itself is nice and I've seen a few things like it done before but mainly web based or with people in the same room.

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Absolutely love the idea. Sounds like a show/segment I could really get into and enjoy watching.

I do agree that there are some potential drawbacks here. I feel that if the computers to be "hacked" were on a VPN it would allow for more privacy of the participants. However, the best option would be to bring contestants in and have the participate on a private and offline VPN.

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I want to see the CTF equivalent of pink slip car racing. First to the flag gets the other persons laptop.

Imagine someone totally awesome going round with a 486 wiping out all the brand new i7 guys with skill alone.

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