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Wth Is This Cooking Oil Computing Project?


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OK so, I know this eccentric DNS guru who sent out a link to this website/forum showing me a post where these people are apparently powering a computer with cooking oil or something?

There are pictures but not much of an explanation and -- although this appears to be pretty hacker fabulous -- .I'm not precisely sure what I'm looking at. Any thoughts?


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Ive seen it done with Mineral oil, but not cooking oil. Either way, wouldn't want to have to work on a computer that breaks while in one of those tanks and then have to make repairs. Water cooling in general is not even something I would consider, unless I went with a peltier cooler, which would require a water block since they draw so much thermal heat to one side.

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I have a friend who did this to his gaming rig.

It runs fine and has for about 2.5 years now. Still going strong. The cooling it delivers is unmatched.

I will see if I can get some pictures..

Something to keep in mind is that once you "go oil" you can never go back. The parts will probably not survive being used outside of the oil if you decide to take them back out. Think about cleaning that.. nope.

In regards to things breaking, if they are broken you can take them out and place a new part in no problem. My above mentioned friend added a second gfc a while back and he said it was painless to exchange parts.

While I myself wouldn't do it, I have to say it looks amazing. Light up, a bit bubbly, simply a great rig.

Best Regards,


Edit: He was of course using Mineral Oil.

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