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Stargate: The Last Stand HL2 Modification


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I thought I should let you guys know about the Stargate The Last Stand Half Life 2 Modification, it adds Missions and capabilities, from both Stargate Atlantis and SG1.



Q : Is there gonna be Single player ?

A : Yes defiantly. We are making both single and multiplayer

Q : Will we see any Wraith ships or ancient technology?

A : Yes! We are planning something from both sides Wraith and Ancients

Q : Will there be any pilotable ships / vechiles ?

A : Of Course There Will ! The Puddlge Jumper and Death Glider are already confirmed !

Q : We can travel to other worlds ?

A : Yes! You Will Be Able To Step Into The Stargate And Travel To Other Worlds.

Q : Im huge fan of tok'ra and allies of Tau'ri wll we see these races ?

A : Yes! We are planning to add many individual races, expect to see the tok'ra and asgard there.

Q : So when will this mod be ready to download ?

A : As Soon As It Is Finished. We Hope Before Autum 2006

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