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Streaming Issues

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Currently I have amazingly fast internet (100Mbps down and 5mbps up). I can download files, play games and surf the internet, all at the same time, with no problems at all! But when it comes to streaming video... something goes wrong. When streaming videos I cannot go over 480p or I have to wait for 20 seconds of buffering every 5 seconds or so. I have tried disabling all other traffic and only allowing Fire Fox internet access, to see where the bottleneck is. I ended up getting the same speeds, regardless of what kind of traffic was going through my network. The PC I tested this on is running an Intel core i7 950 on a Saber-tooth X58 with 12GB ram, more than capable of streaming a 720p+ video and storing the Data. I have modified some files within Fire Fox such as the max pipe-lining and some others (the basics really).

I don't believe this issue is client side, so I am at a loss as to where to look now. I am using a D-link router. While it is a higher(ish) end model (for the consumer world), I know my issue could be lying with it.

Does anyone know an immediate (even short term) fix for this? I will soon be building a router myself, but I am unsure as to how to solve my streaming issues for the time being.

Edit: I should also add that I have tested streaming quality on my laptop as well as my room mates laptop (wired and wireless). Each and every time my results are the same. My router currently contains no rules as to packet priority, so there should be no discrimination in which packets get through.

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What model of d-link are you using? Also when streaming I assume you are wireless on the pc's your trying to stream from? I'd be curious to know the results of a packet loss test as well as visit youtube and play any video and then then run a packet loss test at the same time or a speed test and packet loss test at the same time.

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I have tried from both wired and wireless states.


This is the router I am using (I will hopefully be getting rid of it soon). When wired I am using CAT6 cables as apposed to CAT5 as well, just for additional bandwidth (I do a lot of hosting on my PC and transfer a lot of packets over the network).

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Streaming videos files over the internet, requires a faster upload speed, if the file is awfully large. So you might want to shrink the file size down a bit and try again.

Also how old is your hardware in general?

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I am streaming the videos to my computer, such as you tube, netflix etc. There is very little upload going on here.

Edit: The D-Link was purchased last November. So it is less than one year old.

Is QOS turned on, on the router? Perhaps trying playing with that to see if that makes any difference.

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A couple of things you could try:

1) Reset the router back to default settings.

2) Flush the firmware to the latest version

3) Update Firefox to the latest version

4) Make sure you PC has the latest updates/patches.

If the above doesn't work, run wireshark on the background to do troubleshooting.

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I agree with Infiltrator, also does the router have latest firmware updates? Have you tried bypassing the router with one device connected straight to the modem? That is a pretty good consumer grade router that you have. You mentioned at least 2 different boxes, that being that case I'd say we can rule out it being a box issue, but still could be.

Have you tried say using VLC to steam a video from one box to another? With an issue like this, me personally I like to know the exact cause and why. If you've not tried bypassing the router I'd try dmz'ing 1 box first and if problem still exist then bypass the router just as a test. Always best to find where the source of the problem is occurring then troubleshoot from there.

Not sure about everything you've tried, but me what I would have done if having a problem streaming online was...

1. Any other device on the network capable of streaming to see if problem still exist

2. If problem still exist, try putting any 1 device in DMZ

3. If problem still exist, reset router to factory

4. If problem still exist, test directly from modem

5. If problem still exist, try one other device from modem is possible

6. if problem still exist, it's obvious it is either and issue with your modem/gateway or ISP

The way I operate in situations like that is POE, Process of elimination. I like to find where things are good and bad and then break it down to see what's causing the bad.

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Hmm so, I have spent quite some time working on this issue and I have not been able to make any real progress as far as getting better speeds...

I have done a factory reset on the router

I have updated to the latest firmware

Updated all my pc's to the latest bios versions

Updated windows

Updated Firfox

Ensured all Linux kernels were up-to-date

Nothing I seem to have done has had any effect.

I enabled QOS on the router

Removed all QOS rules and left QOS enabled

Still no effect

Sent data over LAN, got speeds of 80-120 MBps

Sent data over WLAN, got speeds of 7-10 MBps

So.. streaming data seems to be ok... maybe I'll try streaming another video online... cannot stream at quality higher than 360p on WLAN or LAN.

It also seems that my router is causing me to receive drastically reduced network speeds.When I connect directly to my modem I recieve speeds of 80-90 MBps down and 5MBps up. When I go through my router speeds drop to between 15-25 MBps and 4-4.5 MBps up. Is it possible that my router is just faulty in some way? a gigabit router should not be affecting network speeds this severely...

Should I hasten my process of building myself a high-performance router and just get rid of my current one?

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