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Underground: The Julian Assange Story (2012)


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Just started watching this movie. Very interesting stuff I didn't know Assange was a hacker back in the 1980's.


Anyone else see this?

A hacker, are you for real? I thought he was just a journalist. I need to check this shit out.

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Just finished watching it, pretty good movie. Apparently the officer that was after Assange during the time period said it was more fiction than fact. Either way I thought it was a good movie, definitely recommended. B)

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"Based on a true story. Only the names, dates and facts have been changed"

Yes it was a bit like that, I think there were a few characters merged into one,but some of us who where in the "scene" back in those days have a saying like the Americans refer to the 60's, if you can remember them, then you weren't there.

I was in Sydney at the time and I remember it wasn't as cool as the Melbourne scene, but Melbourne was only train ride away.

But some of the bigger names in "computers" (I don't think we ever used the term IT) had their offices here, and I can remember "dumpster diving" (which is a phrase I don't think we used as it was American) at Commodore in Lane Cove after school and building several C64's from parts, and anyone that could do a head alignment on the 1541(?) 5 1/4 disc drive had many friends.

The computer markets at Sydney and Parramatta townhall in the early days were a great day out and good meeting place, but they went downhill when small retailers setup stalls and it all became cheap new junk instead of good second hand stuff.

And I don't think phone phreaking was as big here, as we only had one phone provider, Telecom, and there was a SP bookie in just about every suburb that would give you their mate's phone number at Telecom in exchange for help in setting up his books on his TRS80.

But my recollection of that era is a bit hazy, too many "party favors" and too many weeks without sleep trawling BBS's for information and paying out on the "teach me to hack" n00bs, and old age.

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