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Lnib Wifi Pineapple Mark Iv Elite Bundle $200 Obo Paypal


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I am hoping to sell my like new in box Pineapple Mark IV Elite Bundle. I purchased it about two months ago. Played with it the first day or two, and then put it back in the USPS box it was shipped in. Admittedly, I got super psyched over this when I was watching the WiFi hacking tutorial. Due to the two W's (wife and work), I never got around to being able to really learn how to use it. Now I would rather have a bit of Paypal dollars.

Asking $200 OBO shipped via USPS Priority. If you want it claim it here and give me your Paypal email, I will send you an invoice via Paypal.

Let me know if you have any questions or want any further pictures.





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Since I am 100% new to these forums, I could understand how someone would be a bit weary buying something from someone with no history on the forums. I placed the bundle on Ebay just now. For those interested, you can view the listing here:


I really hope this is considered ok, I understand some forums do not like for users to post links to other sites when selling things.

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I understand you're trying to break even, but maybe a price drop if you don't get it sold? Yours is LNIB, while the Hak Shop has it actually new, for $0.01 less. The only difference for me is (I'm assuming other places are similar), is I'd save maybe $5 shipping if I bought it from you. Just a suggestion, and good luck getting it sold.

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Well, perhaps it was missed, but that's what the Or Best Offer is for. I figured I would start it at $200. That way, if someone wanted it right now (as I don't believe it is available from the Hak Shop in the Elite Bundle), someone may pay $200 for it. However, for the sake of things and the spirit of capitalism, I will take $175 for it shipped. Could have it in the mail for you this evening. Probably get it Friday or Saturday.

$175 Shipped

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