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I was just curious who out there plays on xbox live? I had an xbox like 9 months ago and ended up having to sell it for car insurance. Eariler this year i picked up a 360 and just got my Live account last week. So guys...

Are you on xbox live?

Are you using a 360 or xbox?

What games are you mostly on when playing live?

If you play halo2 or DOA4 hit me up.

gamertag: anyedie

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I dont have an xbox and I dont want one either, PCs are my best gaming consoles.


Xbox is microsoft which SUCKS!

Well, the xbox is actually pretty well done, but supporting the machine (M$) sucks

I used to think this way too, "everything M$ must burn and die!" and generaly hated all consols because you couldn't play bootleg games as easy as with PC, but last christmas ('08) I bought my self xbox (basicly because Gears of War was such a awesome game and all my friends where playing it on Live and the sequal wasn't going to be released on PC anyways) from there on I have bought many games for the Xbox and I must admit it's pretty fun and addective I specialy like the achievement system in Live to compare my nerdiness to others. Of course you can always go with PS3 too, but at the time I bought my gaming system it was still way too expensive and doesn't really give you enough bang for your buck, sure you could watch BluRays and shit with it, but I'm not just that worried about it, my PC will have BluRay bay... eventualy when DVDs are obsolite.

All in all consoles are gaming platforms of the future there just ain't any way around that the core reason for this is bootlegging of games, as you might have seen most of the PC games cost way less than Xbox/PS3 equals.

Sure Xbox supports Micro$oft and you have to pay for use of Live, but it's really small amount if you really think about it - at least for me I used to play WoW, but with new games not having dedicated servers and what not it's awesome service (just try to play CoD: MW2 on PC and find a gaming lobby where there aren't any cheaters, God help me I couldn't)


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