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Ra Flood And Pineapple?


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Has anyone looked into RA packet flooding and maybe an implementation with the pineapple??

If you don't know what an RA flood is... It pretty much makes any client connected to the network have their computer completely lag out. (from what I believe)

Any thoughts on the matter?


and at Defcon

(skip to 21:30)

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I was hoping you could do it to specific clients on your network... I think it would be a interesting feature don't you think??

Any tutorials anywhere??

Windows still hasn't fixed it... even with windows 7 and windows 8. (along with other os machines of course).

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I won't put up with nagging from users who could easily Google for the answer.

My intentions were to find someone who had experience in doing this before... I didn't know if this was something worth pursuing or not.

I'm under the impression that this will freeze up anyone's computer connected to your network by assigning hundreds of IP addresses to someone to connect through. (am I correct?)

This could be something worth pursuing for the Pineapple. Any thoughts?

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Hey Neworld - thank you for the DC19 link, I hadn't seen this (FREAKIN AMAZING) trick before. It seems theres some dependencies, aside from gcc...I found these on samsclass.info (which has great tuts on thc RA attacks):



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