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Pineapple On Tv


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Spotted the pineapple in Person of Interest season 2 episode 2, they also used what looked to be an alfa device hooked on the back of a laptop to highjack wifi :)

Here is the pineapple - http://i.imgur.com/v9BaF.png

They were using it in a scene to do with sniffing cell phone traffic, so not in the right context, but still nice to see writers have some idea about the devices we use XD

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This week on POI our pineapple plays an RFID reader :D




OMG wtf lol hahaha

by the looks they got it right here from the hack shop, no one else bundles the retractable ethernet as far as I know.

Seb when were you going to add the functionality to use our mk4's with RFID tags?

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Oh wow. Why RFID? That makes so little sense.. I guess I will have to watch this episode.

I mean.. WPS button is clearly visible, the r-sma port is clearly visible. Maybe the "normal" viewer won't notice it is a router :P

I watched the 0202 one, I was sad when it was just on the backseat of the car.. Well, at least it is used for something techy this time right? ;)

RFID tags to be used with MK4. Hmmm, I actually got an idea. I doubt it will ever happen but hey.

Thank you Mikus for posting this!

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I noticed that they were using alfa awus* cards a few episodes in to season one last year, only time until the pineapple showed up, be interesting to see if they ever use is for it's real purpose, it would fit in with the show nicely :)

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