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Question About Selling Old Usb 3G/4G Modem/dongle


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Hi guys,

I have come into a few Sprint 3G/4G USB Dongles (Sierra Wireless 250U) and was looking to sell them, but I don't know if anyone can do anything malicious with the "data" that is on them. If you open Sprint's software for it, you can get the user information (basically sprint email for that device), a "phone number" for that device, and a MSID/IMSI_S (I have no clue what this is).

I have been trying to find a way to wipe the data out, and the closest I've come is finding if I type in ##DATA# I get prompted for a Master Lock Code that I'm told only Sprint can give out. (And they aren't talking to me because I'm not the original owner)

two side questions that are bound to come up so I'll answer them now

No these are not stolen

Yes the ESN is clean on them (swappa esn check showed clean).

Any Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Hacks to generate a Master Unlock Code Maybe?

Thanks again!

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If those USB dongles have a SIM card in them, I would recommend removing them before selling, besides that, I don't think the dongles itself would store any sensitive information. Unless you used them for storing data, while accessing internet.

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