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What To Do For Network Manager And Http Auth?


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Im off to a conference in vegas next week and I am toying with the idea of offering wifi. So I thought of Network Manager and that all I would do is pay for the days internet at the hotel, connect with the pineapple and share the connection out.

Then its just hit me that most hotels are open anyway but you have to sign in on their front site and pay that way. This will link my laptop to connect but not my pineapple as I cant view websites with my pineapple.

So I cant test this out until I get there, but my thoughts are:

Connect to the open network with pineapple, my laptop connects to pineapple then when I try to go online will I get the login page, but since its actually the pineapple connected it will be the pineapple that is authed?


SSH in to pineapple and install browser and try to run it through local PC?

or am I over thinking this?

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Try one of these....

1) Use airodump-ng to find someone that is already connected to the internet there.... Spoof their Mac address and see if you can use the internet then.

2) Connect to the internet there and broadcast their internet with the pineapple, and direct all your traffic to the landing page...wait for someone else to log in through your pineapple internet.

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