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[Suggestion] Ship With A Usb Serial Adapter For Clean Flashing

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Hi, just suggesting that since USB UART serial adapters are cheap ($3 including shipping?) one ought to be included in the package sent out when anyone buys a pineapple.

If a pineapple owner changes something which stops it from booting completely and the reset button doesn't do anything, there is no other way to reset it.

Perhaps, as an alternative, the extra space on the 64MB version could somehow be used to have a read only working firmware image which overwrites the running firmware when the reset button is held instead? I don't know anything about the way the reset button is currently implemented or if this would even be possible, I just feel the existing solution is great when it works but not reliable enough to be the only method of getting the device back to a working state.

If the reset button can't be improved and it's inevitable that a serial adapter is likely to be the only reliable way to "unbrick" a device which won't boot properly, I think one should be included.



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I was actually playing with my pineapple last night to help someone and had a hell of a time. I thought I may have bricked it, but I didn't.

Since I unchecked the "Automatically Configur" in my connection settings for my eth0 in xubuntu, every time the pineapple would reboot or disconnect, the IP would change. But unchecking auto configure prevents the network manager from screwing with the wp4.sh.

Also keep in mind the change in accessing the GUI. Up to 2.5.0 was IP/pineapple.

2.6.x+ is IP:1471

A few people at DerbyCon thought they may have broken it because they updated to the dev firmware. I caught a couple of them to explain the change.

Edit: Idea, but we will chat about it next time I see you online.

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