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Pineapple Wifi Crash/reboot On Mass Data


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Im a noob, but I want to learn. My problem is that when ever someone decides to watch a youtube video or my pineapple starts getting mass data it just crashes/re-boots its self.

I bought the Elite version on the Hak5 store incase you are wondering what I have hooked up to it. Does anyone know why this is happening?

i suspect its something to do with data storage, again im a complete noob so the best guess i have is my USB settings.

my usb config is:

config global automount

option from_fstab 1

option anon_mount 1

config global autoswap

option from_fstab 1

option anon_swap 1

config mount

option target /usb

option device /dev/sda1

option fstype ext4

option options rw,sync

option enabled 1

option enabled_fsck 0

config swap

option device /dev/sda1

option enabled 1

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I have experienced the same issue. I am unable to pinpoint it as the logs tell nothing (logwatch -f). It happenst of the blue, or when I open the urlsnarf log (in pineapple web gui with a big file), or when I start sslstrip (I was never able to run sslstrip for more then an hour without a restart!!!). I plan to try the following:

1. reflash 2.8.0

2. run urlsnarf until restart (take note of avg time - I do not believe that there will be issues with urlsnarf)

3. run sslstrip until restart (take note of avg time)

The only thing I have noticed is that sslstrip does not close any of the connections to the server it connects to.... so I am thinking.... Last time I checked I noticed that I had > 30 connections opened.

If anyone has any ideea please comment.

Pineapple MK4, 2.8.0

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That is the case. After one day of running urlsnarf with no issues (everyone in the house was connected to the pineapple), I did a nmap scan, and it immediately restarted. So at least now I know that it does not do well under stress.

Now the second issue still stands. SSLStrip is not acting right. Somehow it will restart the pineapple. I plan to start sslstrip, ask everyone to access as many sites that redirect to https and then I will ask everyone to close everything. I should not see established connection when everyone is out. My theory is that somehow the connections are not terminated, and this causes the pineapple to crash under load. The only thing I cannot tell (as I am not that well versed in programming) is if sslstrip is handling the termination of initialized sessions or Python. If someone could shed some light over this it would be great.

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I've noticed mine doing the same when I try to use the Reaver module, it runs for so long and then reboot's, not the end of the world, but I would like to be able to use it for this kind of thing from time to time, rather than having to use my laptop:)

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Oh I fully know why it's doing it, I just meant that the fact there are modules advertised for it, that crash it is annoying... I just honestly would like to get away from using a laptop all the time, sorry if it seems like I'm picking on the Pineapple, I'm not, it is a wonderful little bit of kit, and it is only getting better over time:)

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Actually I think I've just found out what is at fault... At least in my case anyway, it seems my power lead has a tiny break in the USB end, every now and then when the lead flexs, pineapple death happens:(

So glennlopez, you might want to do what I have done and double check your power lead, even a tiny break can cause problems, and banging of heads on a desk!

To the soldering iron! QUICKLY!!!!!!!! :)

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I'm pretty sure there is still another issue here. My cables are new with no visible flaws, and it reboots constantly, when i do something else than just booting it up.

I haven't tried all possible configurations with different services, usb unplugged/plugged with various devices and power options (but many), and something is either bugged or exhausted (or both) within half an hour.

It's there any way to debug across boots, so you can get the logfile date before the device was reset? Is there a way to debug power consumption of the device?

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Thanks for the tip.

Though reboots also occurs with this hardware attached and used: AWUS036NHA, AWUS036H, Android phone in tethering, USB 3G Dongle (not fully working yet, as stated in other tread)

I'm pretty sure it's load related somehow and could be a combination with the power usage.

Am i one of the few, do i have a faulty device?

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I was wondering if you could elaborate on your tip about swap space? Did you do something different than the regular instructions?

I ask because my pineapple is still rebooting under load.

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no solution. device reboots constantly. the stupid words about 'it's just a soho router' fall flat when it's like only one client watching youtube or two clients browsing. my tp-link microrouter can handle x10 that off usb power without rebooting....

i also had a dream to use mark4 as a 'drop' device, but this complete instability makes me angry every time i think about doing something with mark4...

how about 3.0.0? same reboots?

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