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No Lights On At All


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I plugged the wall outlet that came with the Pineapple it lit up for a second then lights went out

i also have the Pineapple Juice i bought from the shop

full charge and still no lights on the pineapple

it was wroking fine it was in my bag for about 3 days before i went to show a friend and this is when it started

no lights at.

i did check to make sure that there is power coming from the power supply

Any suggestions


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Maybe you fried it? My guess, is it might have been damaged from the wall outlet, but thats just a guess. Not an uncommon thing for devices to die when plugging them in. I bought my mom a brand new router, died within 3 days due to faulty wall outlet and loose connection, and from them messing with the chord in the wall one night while plugging in the printer, which somehow fried the new router. Needless to say, it stopped working just from moving the wire to plug-in the printer. No noise or sparks, but when you flipped it over and smelled it, you could tell something was wrong.

I bought her the same router again, replaced it, but also bought her a UPS and haven't had any issues since putting her on the battery backup/surge protector. You could try taking it all apart and checking all connections, inspecting the innards for anything out of the ordinary, and while it might sound strange, after opening it, smell the components. If it was fried or damage in any way, they usually tend to give off a weird smell, or might be visibly obvious from a burned out component with a short/scorch mark on one of the parts or pcb.

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I don't know if the pineapple A/C adapter has a voltage switch, or if it automatically switches between 110 or 240 volts. But if there are no lights coming on, it could be fried.

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