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Arp Poisoning Protection (Cain And Abel)


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hello Hak5 users..

i am new to this forum.. and i need help..

actually i m on LAN server provided by college..

now problem is Cain and Abel..(used for ARP poisoning )

many of user do sniffing using Cain and Abel to get our username and password..

i want to protect my username and password..

that is i don't want my password to be shown in Cain and Abel..

i know that some softwares are there to prevent password to be shown to cain and abel.. that mean cain and abel want be able to capture my password..it will be blank ..

so i want that software...or another solution to this problem

please help me.


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I am not sure exactly what you are asking... Can C & B crack passwords? Yes. Can C & B ARP poison the shit out of a lan? Absolutely. Best way to protect yourself? High quality passwords that would take years to crack. Why not say something to the Admin.?

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please guys help me..

23 views .no reply...

please it is very important for me and other user also.. if we get solution to this problem


If you want to protect yourself against, arp poisoning I would recommend you to look into ArpON. It not only detects arp poiosing but it also blocks.

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