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Google University Need Advice On Netbook And Other Things.


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I am having a tough time with google university and I want to try to write better questions.

I think I they used an ecs netbook or laptop on one of the shows. Which one are they any good, I am frustrated I am trying to find a new netbook. My mom needs a new netbook she likes ubuntu because it is fast. I guess they all have an operating system on them windoze. She just wants a new netbook. I keep going round in circles.

I have a portable scanner for my non computer related business that keeps saying powersurge on usb hub port. Via the manufactuer they said plug it into another usb port. Great the easy thing I tried. I am planing to try an powered usb hub.

I will keep you posted. Nothing on google university. I even reinstalled the chipset drivers and device drivers of course this is windoze xp. Am I on the right track. 500mw is too much power for a usb device to draw right? This is because it shares with keyboard and mouse and printer.

I tried on my lab to use reaver what I found is the distance from the router make a difference. THIS IS DONE ON MY ROUTER. On the code.googel what ever it is there is a list of routers that have problems. I am wondering if the time it iakes to send makes a difference. Trying to figure out 0x02 errors on my own, Keeps going through the same key. The signal is good and wps version 1.0. There is something else I cant remember it now maybe latter. Nothing this sucks I will still keep at it.

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If I can figure out how to get reaver to pause once in a while it might help. As for netbooks there are quite a few decent ones rea sonably priced. I am going to pick out 15 give her the option of a laptop not a pink one. I dont want to get hit in the arm. Reaver still stops after a half dozen pins or so I am going to work with the different options to see what I can do. Don't know.

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I screwed up again I mean Google search is making me go round in circles. With reaver I took maters into my own hands got closer to my access point if you can get the power around 60 it will work. I also tried with the atheros chip in my laptop. I think I just need to get a spec sheet for a netbook/laptop and a color she wants my mum. Not pink she will hit me. I will go round in circles on this through google. Play around with reaver. Try and find a powered usb hub to try. What pissed me off is my vender said plug into a different usb port. I am done with this thread. I hope I am on the right path.

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