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Something's Fux0r'd PLZ HELP!


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er well.... i was using my pc as normal... didnt install anything new, shut down fine... later that day i went to turn it on and i got a bsod error x07, tried safe mode, got another error, tried last working settings, got a different error... went through about 20 reboots and 6 different errors, then i realised if i select safe mode with command prompt, let it bsod, then reboot, windows starts fine.

same happened just now, once again selecting safe mode with command prompt then rebooting allowed windows to start. but i'm wondering why... and what i can do to help prevent future errors. i'm just about to start dissertation and this has made me paranoid about backups.

all comments welcome.

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If you keep getting different errors, it sounds like RAM.

Essentially, if you have a spare computer sitting around that you know works fine, just swap parts from it until you find the hardware that is causing the problem.

If you are running dual RAM chips, pull out one. If you still get the error, pull out the one and put the other one back in. If you still get the error, try RAM from another machine.

If you still get BSOD after that, then start changing out the vid card, sound card, etc.

These type of issues are hard to diagnose unless you are in front of the machine.

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If you suspect from the start that it's probably memory, try running MemTest86. It's a small ISO that you can put on a floppy, CD or memory stick that you will boot off of, and it will do a pretty hardcore continuous memory test writing and reading patterns to and from memory and testing if any bits flipped.

If you've got wonky memory, this tool will tell you so (and which bank to boot).

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Oh the solution that often works on this kind of thing (rather than reseating components to solve 'chip creep') is to kick it... that actually sometimes knocks the components back in to place </don't try this at home>

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