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Looking To Make My Own Pineapple, What Hardware To Use?


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I have been searching the forums and finding some older threads that seem to be outdated with the newer routers. I would like to build my own Pineapple so I can learn the whole process. Could easily just purchase the device, but I am a big DIY guy. So, I seem to have found for the wireless card, go with the ALFA AWUS036NHA, Router I am not sure about. What is the standard people are gettig nowadays? I looked into the Fon 2100 and the AP51 which look pretty reasonable priced on Ebay.

Any tips? tricks? list of hardware you have tried?

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You wan't to pickup the hornet-ub aka alfa ap121u without a shell, if you're from the uk you can pick up a hornet-ub of ebay for a reasonable price. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hornet-UB-Atheros-802-11n-Embedded-Board-AR9331-Alfa-Network-Official-UK-Seller-/380463591557?pt=UK_Computing_Wireless_Routers&hash=item589565b085#ht_6088wt_1037

- Anton.

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Ordered one just now from http://store.jpgotte...rs/alfa-ap121u/ Thanks guys. I will post back when I get it. Ordering the http://www.ebay.com/...=item589515b53e too. That should be all I need correct?

Yes, that should be all you need. Providing that it comes with OpenWRT flashed already.

I know that some Alfa devices come with the default Alfa firmware. To flash that with the wifipineapple firmware you will need a UART serial cable.

You will find more information on the forums and wiki about that.

Best Regards,


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